BUBBLEMANIA is an interactive Bubble Show filled with lights, music and amazing bubble tricks (bubbles in bubbles, sphere bubbles, volcano bubbles, bubble tennis, smoke bubbles, hand bubbles, fire bubbles and kids get a chance to make some bubbles themselves as well as to be inside of our bubblevator (giant bubble).

We offer different types of BUBBLEMANIA packages listed below

 Ultimate Bubble Show

The Ultimate Bubble Show runs 40 mins comes with lights, music, bubble show, interactive bubble tricks, bubblevator (giant bubble), (ideal for kids 4 to 12 years of age)

Mega Bubble Play

The Mega Bubble Play Package is much more suited for the little ones who are 1 to 3 years old. The package is designed like a carnival with bubbles tricks all around the child to explore rather than a show to watch. There is a mega commercialized bubble machine, bubble pool, rainbow foam, obstacle course, bubble lawnmowers, face painting, animal balloons,  bubblevator (giant bubble), and lots of different kinds of bubble shapes.
Lots to keep the little ones entertained.
Bubble Science ( educational show for schools)
Stage bubble show: runs for 40 mins  comes with lights, music, bubble show, interactive bubble tricks, bubblevator (giant bubble)
Bubblemaina Package (ideal for people who 4 to 100 years old)
The package comes with 2 bubblelogists lights music, mega bubble machine, bubble pool,   bubblevator (giant bubble), a 40 min interactive bubble show with lots of bubble tricks (fire foam and bubbles, smoke bubbles, volcano bubble and sphere bubbles), balloons and face painting. The package runs for 1 hour and is based on 20 or fewer kids
We also have a Bubble Booth (inside a giant bubble) ideal pic option if booking a photo booth
We also offer Bubblemania indoors and outside. Ideal for:
Birthday Parties
baby namings
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
baby showers


HAPPY CANADA DAY!…Bubblemania was celebrating with the city of Toronto 2018