Superhero Birthday Party characters for hire

Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Captain America, Power Ranger, Robin, Batgirl, Wonder woman, Ironman party character and themes.

Almost all young boys fantasize of one day meeting their favourite Superhero, so Mom and Dad, why not have Batman or Spiderman at your next children’s Birthday Party! The first thing that the Superhero will do is make a Grand Entrance when he arrives. He tells all the children an interactive story about the criminals he just fought, and he shows the children a couple of self-defense moves (all our Superhero Entertainers are trained in Martial-Arts). Before he leaves, he gives all the children Superhero tattoos and stickers. and tells them he has to leave to go catch more bad guys)

We have 2 popular Superhero Character Packages listed below:

Superhero Ultimate Action Package: consists of a grand entrance, interactive story, martial art training. Superhero Games, sticker/tattoos and balloon swords and animals. The character finishes off with a grand exit. (This package is ideal for kids 5 and up)

Mini Superhero Character Package (ideal for 3 to 4 years old who are in training) consist of a grand entrance, magic show, face painting and animal balloons.


You can choose from the list below any of these services instead, and create your One Of A Kind Superhero Character visit!

  • Superhero Parchute games
  • Superhero Martial Art training
  • Magic shows
  • balloon animals
  • superhero games
  • awesome face painting
  • craft projects
  • interactive story-telling
  • sing-a-longs
  • Stilt-walking spiderman


We also have Superhero Inflatable Jumping Castles that can be added to your Superhero visit! Ask us for more information.


red power ranger


Kid Party Entertainers Toronto is happy to inform you, starting Feb 2017 we added capes and mask to our superhero package. For your children to have the real superhero experience we offer a NEW superhero package that allows your kids to wear capes and mask of there favorite superhero character.

The Ultimate Superhero Package

Grand Entrance

Interactive Story

Superhero capes and mask: (place and resize the picture of the capes) Kids have a variety of different superhero characters (eg. Spiderman, Batman, Iron man, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Superman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Robin) to pick from (used only for training purpose)

Superhero Boot training camp (actives include: martial training, parachute games, superhero games)

Sword Balloons

Photo Op with your favorite superhero character

The Superhero finish with a grand exit

(package is based on 12 less kids)


This is what Robin W. has to say about Kids Party Entertainers Toronto superhero package:

“THANKS YOU!!. Kids Party Entertainers Toronto for sending Jeff to my son and daughter’s 5th party dressed up has Spiderman. ..He was Amazing with the kids. ..He kept all the kids busy with activities for the whole 1.5 hrs he has here. .. because of Spiderman (Jeff) I was able to attend to my adult guest and not have to worry that my house was being destroyed by a bunch of rambunctious 5-year-old boys. …I will must definitely will call you back in March 2017 to rebook Jeff for my youngest son’s party. The theme will be Superman!

Many thanks,

Robin Williamson

superhero testimonial