Science Show for Kids
Wacky Science Toronto

Wacky Science 4 preschool kids

Wacky Science is a silly funny interactive science show, where kids get to help out our Wacky Scientist make cool experiments. You are visited by our excentric Scientist named Sebastian who does interactive science experiments with kids of all ages. Science show runs for 45 mins and includes a variety of different science experiments. Vinegar Volcano, bubble Science, Static Electricity, ice cube magic, Light, Color & Heat, Moving Molecules, with music, chemical reactions, making slime and so much more! Wacky Science is perfect for kids 2 to 12 years old who love the mysteries and magic of science.

Below is a list of different  types of science shows we offer:

  1. Chemical reactions with our potion Wizard. This package is ideal for Harry Potter Parties or Wizard parties

Wizard Potions Harry Potter


2. Science of Electricity…watch what happens when you put your had on a  Van De Graaff Generator

Kids Science show

3. Sugar Science: kids will get to make cotton candy and other sugary treats…The will get to examine liquid and solid matter. (this package is ideal with LOL party package


Science of Candy Flosskids science parties

4. slime Science ideal for kids 3 and up

Slime parties kids science parties with slime